Pingla Mata

Pingla Mata is situated at a small hillock in village Pinger in Ramnagar Tehsil, about 20 Kms from Udhampur on Udhampur-Ramnagar Road and has been gaining popularity since last few years. The Holy Shrine is about 6 Kms away from the village Kaua on the Domail-Ramnagar Road and is linked with the track. The Shrine consists of small cave where The divine power lies in the shape of Pindies. The cave of Pingla Mata seems a small hole from outside but it has as much space inside as to accommodate at least 500 people at a time. Though the journey is tough yet it does not tire the devotees because of scenic beauty throughout. The entire track consists of lush green pine trees which inspire the devotees to move on.

As per the popular legend, some shepherds of Pinger village used to come to this jungle for grazing their cattle. A girl used to provide them food everyday but had warned them that this must not be disclosed to anyone. As such they never felt the necessity to take meals at home. Their parents were worried as to why they do not take meal at home. One day the villager followed their children and watched them in the jungle. They saw a girl serving food to the shepherds and then disappeared in a nearby cave.

Another legend some hunters came to this jungle for hunting and they saw a lion entering the cave. They collected some firewood and burnt it at the mouth of the cave. But within no time the hunters were astonished to see that the lion came out of the cave after piercing the big rock. Then they entered entered the cave and saw Mata there. Light can be seen coming from this narrow hole in the cave from where the lion had gone out