Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar is situated on the left bank of Kud river in mid Himalayan range, about 40 Kms west of Udhampur. Ramnagar also served as the capital of old Bandarlta State. During the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, it came under Sikh rule and Raja Suchet Singh, the brother of Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu became its ruler in A.D. 1822. Raja Suchet Singh besides being a valiant general was also a great connoisseur of arts. He took much interest in Ramnagar and built the places Shish Mahal and Purana Mahal. He also renovated the fort situated in the town. The Nawa Mahal complex was built by Raja Ram Singh, who succeeded to the Ramnagar throne in A.D. 1844. He was son of Ranbir Singh who became Maharaja of Ranbir Singh who became Maharaja of J&K in A.D. 1856. Raja Suchet Singh, died in A.D. 1844 near Lahore and it is believed that the queen of Suchet Singh performed sati near the fort. There is also a Samadhi of Maharani in this fort, at the site where the sati was performed. Tourists can reach this fort by using a narrow bridge over the moat. The fort was renovated and undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India in 1972.The palace complex at Ramnagar comprises of Shish Mahal, Purana Mahal & Nawa Mahal which are close to each other.