Shalimar Bagh

Emperor Jehangir built the Shalimar Garden for his wife Nur Jahan in 1616. It is also know as "garden of love". It covers the area of approximately 539 m by 182 m. A canal lined with polished stones and supplied with water from Harwan runs through the middle of the garden. From Shalimar you can view over the other gardens, lakes and shallow terraces. It is about 15 kms far from the TRC (Tourist Reception Centre). The garden is 539 m by 182 m and has four terraces, rising one above the other. The fourth terrace of the garden was, at one point of time, reserved for royal ladies. The top most terrace is the more wonderful one out of all the terraces. There are number of fountains, shaded trees and innumerable varieties of flowers which attracts the tourist. Last but not the least, a light and sound show organized in the garden every evening, during the period of May to October, is also wonderful.