Asha Purani Mandir

It is an “PRACHIN MANDIR OF KATHUA” situated in the heart of city (MaIN Bazar).Asha Purani Mandhir is an famous temple of Kathua town situated in the heart of City (Main Bazar). It was built by Bhagat Chajju Ram in 1949 AD. Mandhir Bhawan is about 30 Ft in height. Its main gate is towards North and on the top off the Bhawan, Idol of Mata Durga Ji (10 ft.) decorates the temple. There is a ligid that this temple is located on that place where the AASH (Veins) of Mata Durga were thrown out by the Sudershan Chakra of Lord VISHNU. From there, the Name Asha Purani originated and the temple became famous as ASHA PURANI MANDHIR.