Do you want to know the biggest constituency in Delhi by voters ? #delhielections #graphs

Here is a graph to help you understand the voters in each constituency. [sabineszoom]

The below graph shows Delhi voters by age %age. They show the share of the pie that each age group has.

The age groups have been divided into batches of 10.

Please note that some data has been omitted for clarity purposes. e.g. there are some age groups above 100, which represent a VERY small %age, and have been left out.

#delhielections #graphs #electionsbynumbers

Below graph shows delhi voters by age groups.

Please note that this data has been collected from publicly availably information.

The author cannot be held accountable for any discrepencies. Use at your own risk.

VAT Collection – Manish Sisodia

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The fundamental difference between the campaigns of BJP & AAP is the same as that between organic & inorganic growth.

Anyone who has ever used google adwords will know the difference. Inorganic growth is like a sponsored growth with the hope that you become popular enough to withdraw the sponsorship eventually and let the popularity take its own course.

Organic growth is like fire. It has the potential of becoming a wild bush fire or equally die down anonymously, if there isn’t enough ‘ground’ support. More often that not, the momentum built using organic growth is sustained over a very long term, provided the fundamentals stay constant.

AAP’s success on the ground has been mostly led via organic growth. Whereas, BJP’s growth resembles a lot like inorganic growth. That is not to say that ALL of BJP’s growth is inorganic. But, with an alleged budget of 5000 crore, it is not totally false to claim that a lot of it is sponsorship driven.