(AN = alphanumeric)

For indexing purposes, Oracle Commerce divides characters into 3 categories:

  • AN characters
  • Non-AN characters (as configured in special chars config)
  • Other non-AN chars not configures in above.

Case folding
Oracle commerce search ops are not case sensitive, so alpha chars are always included in lowercase form at the time of indexing.

Indexing of non-AN chars
The non-AN chars which are not specified as searchable in config are treated depending upon whether they are considered punctuation or symbols.

  • Punctuation chars are treated as white space. The following are punctuation chars:
    ! @ # & ( ) - [ { } ] : ; ‘ , ? / *
    In a multi word search with words separated by punctuation, the word order is preserved as if it was a phrase search.
  • Symbols are also treated as white space, but word order is not preserved. The following are symbol characters
    ` ~ $ ^ + = < > "

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