This post was created before elections (April 2014), but was left unfinished. With all the hustle & bustle, it is probably worth putting below views in the open.

This is my take on pros and cons of AAP contesting on a large number of LS seats. Please note that the views expressed are my own. I am not affiliated to any political party (but I remain optimistic about AAP as a force for change).


Exposure to maximum voter base

By contesting on a large number of seats, AAP has ensured that it gets as much exposure and visibility as possible. Had it contested on a smaller number of seats, the exposure would have been lesser.

It can be argued, that had it contested on smaller number of seats, they could have been more effective.

However, contesting on a large number of seats is probably very much in rhythm with AAP’s philosophy of “This is YOUR election, not MINE”. Also, contesting on a large number of seats has tested waters at all levels. e.g. in Punjab, where AAP is seeing a vast amount of support. Had it picked a few seats to contest e.g. say 100, Punjab may or may not have figured in that list.

Each LS seat has the same value

The seat of Varanasi carries the same weight as Amritsar in LS, whereas in reality it may be much easier to contest and win Amritsar than Varanasi.

Fast track to becoming a ‘national’ party



Less control

Difficulty in identifying like-minded personnel


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