VIII) TOGAF Learning Outcome: Architecture Governance (Level 1)

The Candidate must be able to:
1. Briefly explain the concept of Architecture Governance (KLP 50.1-1)
2. Describe the main concepts that make up an Architecture Governance framework (KLP 50.2-1)
3. Explain why Architecture Governance is beneficial (KLP 50.3-1)
4. Briefly explain the need for establishment of an Architecture Board (KLP 47.1-1)
5. List the responsibilities of an Architecture Board (KLP 47.2-1)
6. Briefly explain the role of Architecture Contracts (KLP 49.1-1)
7. Briefly explain the meaning of Architecture Compliance (KLP 48.2-1)
8. Briefly explain the need for Architecture Compliance (KLP 48.1-1)
9. Briefly explain the purpose of Architecture Compliance Reviews (KLP 48.3-1)
10. Briefly describe the Architecture Compliance Review process (KLP 48.4-1)
11. Briefly explain how the ADM can be used to establish an Architecture Capability (KLP 46.1-1)

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